I am a student in graphic design at ESAD Valence, France.


Benoît Jacques
Thomas Huot Marchand
Jérome Knebush
Etienne Cliquet and Anna Samardzija
Alaric Garnier
Paul Elliman
Nina Paim
Corinne Gisel


Hervé Frumy
Anne Gallet
Imprimerie Deux Ponts


This movie made in stop motion uses the soldiers as a metaphor of all the French military barracks that were neglected in the end of the XXth century. The question of their reconversion still causes problem today, even if it was resolved, generally, for big cities.

This book was made with Clémence Rousseau. Poor little boy is a short-story written by Dino Buzzati. Its surprising ending suggests a second reading of the text, and we tried to recreate this double-reading in the illustrations.

Within the framework of a workshop with Paul Elliman around the sound, Julian Lagoutte, Sirima de Rességuier and I centered our work on languages’tones that are foreign to us. Having produced a random text, we recorded about twenty people pronouncing it in their mother tongue (Italian, English, Corean, Persian etc.). Images of the words which have a meaning in the spoken language accompany the sound tracks. The spectator really believes he is hearing a language. We then created an interface to transcribe this experience on a digital space.

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These two project are based on pareidolia ; pareidolia is an optical illusion which consists in asso- ciating a shapeless and ambiguous visual stimulus with a clear and recognizable element, often a human or animal form. In the first one, to illustrate this phenomenon quite simply, a poster with three abstract shapes is placed above three books. Each one of those give several interpretations of the shapes. After consulting them, the reader has a different reading of the poster’s shapes.
The second project is not about me sharing my vision only anymore, but is more of a collective and shared pareidolia.

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These two edition question the culture of memes, first with a lexicon of all the memes in the form of images which crossed time in the digital culture. The second book is addressed to people who don't care about memes, and emphasizes an interesting aspect of it, that is the shift which can occur for every image: from a simple sign to a narrative object.

This study of AIDS’s history and the creation of a chronology, textual on one hand, with scientific advances and on the other hand of posters for campaigns against the AIDS emphasizes two points; first a growing disinterestedness in the scientific news about the disease since the discovery of sorting-therapy. And secondly a radical change of tone between the first and the last posters.

During sleep, our relationship to our body and to time are very different. From movies which I captured during a whole night, I study the relationship between the body’s movements and time during the sleep. I translate it graphically with several graphic codes.

The wolf in the Sheepfold is a short film made in stop motion with paper, in association with Ariane Corfmat. The image exchanges with the sound track : a series of interview about the wolf that roams in the mountains, with narratives and complaints of several shepherds, who keep losing their sheeps. In reality, the movie denounces the threat represented by the mass-market retailing for the short circuits, which disappear from the capitalist system in which we curently live.

This work is about Valence's old military barrack, that was then neglected and collapsing, and soon to be destroid. Here, I question the status of the objects that are in the abandoned barracks, which changes from an everyday-life-object, not that interesting, to a story-telling-object. I try to reproduce this relation between the place, vast and monotonous, which I describe word for word in the style of Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu parisien by Georges Perec, and the objects of which I slide some series of photos which get lost in the whole of the book but become nevertheless what the reader lingers most.

BLACK IS THE NEW BEIGE is the result of a workshop with Nina Paim and Corine Gisel, about seeing design not always as a solution but as a problem. The video revolves around objects that don't look so suspicious at first but are actually not fit for black people. Band-aids, "skin-color" or "nude" colored clothes, make up etc. My role here was to bring those black people together and share their opinion and experiences through the video.

"Mon Faux Ami Italien", meaning my fake italian friend is a book made for children. It offers them a serie of words that are pronounced exactly the same way in French and in Italian. Each word is illustrated, with a shape cut it in, which physically relates the two drawings for each word. This book was produced in collaboration with Thomas Amico and made entirely with screen-printing. A poster comes with the book, on which the children can draw.